Thesis Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The early identification of “fatal flaws” is very important.• The process should be efficient, providing for the rapid and easy screening of alternatives to focus most of the effort and resources on the most promising proposals.

In addition to technical, economic, and financial analysis, implementation of an alternative container transport system would almost certainly require a NEPA evaluation and a full-scale EIR.

• The method should recognize that the no-project scenario is not static.

• The process must consider uncertainty and risk. All the approaches considered in this study share some steps: • Setting goals. The list of criteria can range from a conceptual “wish list” to a set of weighted performance criteria with technical metrics.

The expectation, however, is that candidate proposals for demonstration funding will have shown sufficient promise in the research and development Proposed Evaluation Method 51 phase to be considered.

Criteria are likely to be more stringent and quantified and include factors such as the potential for commercial success and integration with existing facilities.

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