Thesis Statement About Marriage In Pride And Prejudice 500 Words Descriptive Essay

Interesting fact: “Pride and Prejudice” is considered by many as a satire on women who really want to get married. But Austin herself was worried that her work was not serious enough: “The book is too light, bright and sparkling.” But the image of Elizabeth Bennett completely satisfied the writer, and she was very proud of the heroine.

All the characters are part of a game, each positioning themselves for status and financial security in the context of marriage.Having stood the test of several epochs, the novel remains one of the best in the world literature.The original title of the novel is which embodies one of the main themes of the book: first impression can be deceiving.You can find paper topics for “Pride and Prejudice” for any kind of paper.Selecting a good topic is the first step to writing a good essay. Though Jane Austen satirizes snobs in her novels, some critics have accused her of being a snob herself. Taking Charlotte Lucas as an example, do you think the author is making a social criticism of her era’s view of marriage? Pride and Prejudice is a novel about women who feel they have to marry to be the story of human souls which is easily and gracefully told by the famous English writer Jane Austen.Before you start an analysis of what you have read, you should find the proper topic for your writing.In order not to get you confused, we have divided them into categories for each type of essay.

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