Thesis Statement For Causes Of Obesity Compare And Contrast Essay About Fast Food Restaurants

Model essay Nowadays the number of overweight people is constantly increasing.This essay will discuss the main reasons of this epidemic and then describe the possible effects of the problem. Because you missed class, you didn’t realize there would be a quiz next week, and you failed the quiz.To better illustrate this, let’s take a look at the basics of this essay type before we dive into two cause and effect essay examples.

This essay causes a stir not because it’s an amazing paper but because it’s still in need of some revision.If the focus of your paper is the causes of obesity, your thesis statement might be something like this: The recent increase in childhood obesity has resulted in children suffering from numerous health problems, including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.Due to overconsumption of highly processed foods, childhood obesity is becoming epidemic and leaving children with numerous health problems, such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.In a cause and effect essay, your thesis should let readers know if you’re writing about causes, effects, or both.Check out these examples: Thesis statements about obesity might look like one of these.If your topic is childhood obesity, are you supposed to write about the causes, the effects, or about both the causes and effects of childhood obesity?Paying attention to guidelines really does make a difference in your grade!Note that this paper uses evidence from sources to support ideas but doesn’t always use proper in-text citations and does not include a Works Cited. Now that you know the basic components of a cause and effect essay and can spot them in a sample essay, it’s time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).Remember the weak elements in the cause and effect essay examples as you write your own essay to make yours shine.Remember when that annoying light came on while you were driving home last night? The problem: Another light appeared on your dashboard. Writing an effective cause and effect essay isn’t that different from the facts of this scenario.Turns out it really did serve a purpose—to tell you one of your tires was low. Unfortunately, you missed class because of your flat tire this morning. You’ll outline the causes, the effects, or both the causes and effects of a specific problem or issue.

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