Thesis Statement For Othello Appearance Vs Reality

One of the first instances where the theme appearance versus reality appears, is when Othello sees Cassio walking away very quickly after conversing with Desdemona, Othello’s wife.The basis around which he is suspicious comes from Iago, a very jealous man.Othello, however, is not aware how deeply prejudice has penetrated into his own personality.This absorbed prejudice undermines him with thoughts akin to "I am not attractive," "I am not worthy of Desdemona," "It cannot be true that she really loves me," and "If she loves me, then there must be something wrong with her." These thoughts, inflamed by Iago's hints and lies, prevent Othello from discussing his concerns and fears directly with Desdemona, and so he acts on panicked assumption.

Appearance and Reality Appearance and reality are important aspects in Othello.Upon seeing that she was innocent and that he killed her unjustly, Othello recovers.He can again see his life in proportion and grieve at the terrible thing he has done.Such an obsession eclipses Othello's reason, his common sense, and his respect for justice.Up to the moment he kills Desdemona, Othello's growing jealousy maddens him past the recall of reason.Types of love and what that means are different between different characters.Othello finds that love in marriage needs time to build trust, and his enemy works too quickly for him to take that time.In order to survive the combined onslaught of internalized prejudice and the directed venom of Iago, Othello would have had to be near perfect in strength and self-knowledge, and that is not fair demand for anyone.Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.For Othello, seeing is believing, and proof of the truth is visual.To "prove" something is to investigate it to the point where its true nature is revealed.

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