Thesis Statement Jim Burke

1 – Identify desired results 2 – Determine acceptable evidence 3 – Plan learning experiences and instruction Thesis generator looks to be a great resource Extensions of inquiry: pushing student further in their own journey of self inquiry.

Chapter 2 – Spirited Inquiry: Creating questions to access a challenging text “We don’t need students who are obedient – those who think as they are directed; that way of thinking will ensure our country’s decline and it’s intellectual ruin.” “…increasingly restless (students need)…

He gives us a model of discovery that could lead to our own 'eureka' moment.

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In the process of following connections between ideas, a new solution is created. Burke explores and explains his ideas in his popular documentary television series, .The drawing, above, is one way of looking at it, but engineers have been working to create a complex new 3-dimensional version of the Knowledge Web.Imagine a 3-dimensional sphere floating in space with layers of color, where going deeper into the sphere is equivalent to going back in time.I don’t really want to get into that, because like on most things, I see both sides, and just wind up hanging out on the fence. I actually believe in limited use of the whole class novel.Here’s why – It’s a valuable way to build community in our class, and to create some touchstones for work in the course.This is important in my room, because I teach thematically, and it serves everyone well if we build some commonalities to help us work with our own ideas and opinions about the theme.(In some quick Googling of the debate, a lot of it comes down to the time spent on a single text, as well as the question of the novel being chosen. My novels are chosen based upon what I feel they offer us as a “touchstone text.”) I really like to start my courses by diving right into a “touchstone text.” What I’d like to share, however, is my approach to this..They are more familiar with being peppered with questions from others…There is a lot of debate about the use of whole class novel instruction.Floating in their proper place in time are pieces of information, like little balls, that can radiate lines to other balls to show how information can be connected across space and time.The navigational tools are excitingly visual, as you zoom in and out, pivoting the whole world of information around with the roll of a mouse. Burke says, "As we pass a significant milestone—a beta version of the Knowledge Web—I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed so much of their time and talent over the last two years.

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