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a symptom of root causes) and so homeless shelters are created to provide food, shelter, and sanitation for this population of people (i.e. Treating symptoms will certainly alleviate immediate pains and offer short-term solutions, but homelessness will not be resolved by creating homeless shelters.Homelessness must be solved by addressing the root causes of homelessness — oftentimes poverty, affordable housing, mental illness, and substance abuse.“People who try to predict the future by extrapolating in a line of more of what exists [today]…are always wrong.”Undoubtedly, the future of our global cities will be emergent in ways we may or may not predict — from social uprisings like new populism, new technologies like blockchain, or climate events like Hurricane Sandy. Chaos is paired with order, and we have opportunity — with the right leadership, knowledge, and tools — to reimagine a new, 21st-century “order” for our cities and our world to thrive.

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To take a pulse today, cities indicate a global system in distress. The late urban writer and activist, Jane Jacobs, once said, “cities happen to be problems in organized complexity” and warned against predicting city’s futures.This thesis advocates the application of systems thinking in the cost estimating system.It describes research aimed at improving cost estimation reliability prepared by a quantity surveyor at the design stage.ur 21st century demands leadership — and many are turning their eyes towards our world’s cities. By 2050, 65% of our global population — an estimated 6 billion humans — will live in cities. My home city, Philadelphia, is grappling with 25% poverty.Cities, accounting for just 2% of earth’s landmass, produce 70% of global GDP, 70% of global C02 emissions, and 66% of energy consumption, they are growing in political power, and enliven society as cultural hubs. For decades, scientists and urban experts alike have stated that cities are — borrowing a term from ecology — ecosystems, hybrid ecosystems consisting of both natural and human-made elements.“But to be a true systems thinker”, says Kim, “you need to know how systems fit into the larger context of day-to-day life, how they behave, and how to manage them.”Systems thinking scales.Therefore, you can apply systems thinking at multiple levels of thinking related to cities and solving wicked problems.Rooted in 1940's systems theory, systems thinking offers a different approach than reductionist thinking.Systems thinking, in one of many definitions, can be explained as “a perspective of seeing and understanding systems as wholes rather than as collections of parts — a web of interconnections that creates emerging patterns over time.”In Daniel Kim explains that systems thinking is and can be a number of things — a growing field, a mindset, a perspective, a language, and a set of tools.Cost estimation will be able to forecast construction cost for a new project with minimal project information as it is not a simple and straightforward task due to the integration of multiple variables and uncertainties.Current traditional cost estimation techniques have limitations adapting to real world projects.

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