Thinking Critically Chaffee Too Dependent On Technology Essay

Missed work generally is the activities dictated by the book.

Critical Thinking – HUP 102.5368 Spring 2017 Semester Tuesdays/Thursdays: — p.m.

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Students learn to critically think about philosophy.

Required Text John Chaffee, edition Course Requirements 1a.Presentation must include the following sections: purpose of choosing particular topic, highlights of literature review, surprising facts during research, encountered roadblocks and how overcome, etc.It is highly recommended that students make arrangements with others in the class to obtain information regarding missed assignments and notes.Support Instructors -Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, My Test, and Power Point slides are available to be packaged with this text.Upon completion of this course, students should be able to clarify and evaluate their thinking, create arguments based on sound principles and concepts, present their ideas more effectively, and effectively weigh arguments from others.It is organized by questions central to the main branches of philosophy and examines the ideas of philosophers past and ...Read More Students learn to critically think about philosophy.Any additional readings not from our text will be provided for you.You will be expected to have done the readings for each day before that class meets.Essays will be submitted as Microsoft Word files on our class wordpress site: position on their topic, and will expected to work together collaboratively in order to put together the best arguments and evidence both in favor of and against each position.Each group will then debate their positions in front of the class.

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