Time And Distance Solved Problems

They start on his YBX and go by the newly opened Pune Mumbai expressway.

Find the approximate ratio of the speeds of the first to the second person. Prateek decides to go on a trip to Matheran along with his girlfriend.

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Latest Time and Distance aptitude questions with answers.

Time and Distance Aptitude Multiple Choice Questions are often asked in the Quantitative Aptitude.

We know, Note 2: For an explanation on =14D$ check comment by Rishi.Edit 3: For yet another alternative solution, check comment by Nilay.In this article, we will discuss the speed formulas and time and distance aptitude questions. A has covered 50 % more distance than train B when they meet. Both start from the point P simultaneously and arrive at a point Q, 120 km away from P at the same time. His average speed on the expressway was 100 km/hr and off it was 50 km/hr. A train moves at a speed, which is 50% more than the speed of a car. The total distance that Prateek covered was 170 km.Along with the listed topics need to practice more and more mock test papers to enhance the better result. Speed, Time and Distance Speed = (Distance/Time) Time = (Distance/Speed) Distance = (Speed x Time). km per hr to m per sec conversion x km/hr = (x*5/18) m/sec. m/sec to km/hr conversion x m/sec = (x *18/5) km/hr.Aspirants, it is really hard to find the all the study materials at one single place. Contenders can click on the Time and Distance MCQ Quiz Answers and view the materials related to the respective topic. The second, starting half an hour later, arrives 15 minutes sooner.This is aptitude questions and answers section on Time and Distance with an explanation for various interview, competitive examinations, and entrance tests.And while appearing the test people can find the answer by clicking on the View Answer Tab. Applicants need to work hard on Time and Distance Quiz Online Test. Time and Distance is an important chapter of quantitative aptitude. None of these John travelled from his town to city.

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