Too Dependent On Computers Essay The Success And Failure Of Picasso' Essay By John Berger

The balance we need is to appreciate technology since it has its benefits, but also have the discipline to turn it off when need be to experience life in reality.

Technology brought us machines, computers, cars and aeroplanes.

If you happen to work in offices you may be familiar with this trend.

If the internet is down, all the tasks are over for the day. Anyway, it’s true, how can work continue if it’s hard to send an email to a colleague or customer? This is the most sensitive of them all when it comes to technology.

If one of them is missing, you try as much as possible to search for it no matter what.

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Today, most people are into technology such that losing it would alter their life negatively.

As exciting as it may sound, I can’t deny that we are becoming dependent on technology quite fast.

This can be proved by the fact that most of us cannot go for a minute without looking at our phones and the fear of the battery dying is immense. I can admit that when we talk of technology, it’s hard to resist the benefits it comes with.

Those evening games after school are over, watching cartoons on a Sunday or playing with friends are no longer there.

Today, more than 75% of kids remain indoors playing computer games or with a smartphone. Well, this may get the better part of you of how technology has taken the better part of our society, but here are some signs that our generation depends too much on technology.

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