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Listed below are ten tools to help you throughout your creative writing journey. I am constantly coming across new tools, and I highly recommend experimenting with the options out there that fits your individuality.If you know of a tool that isn’t listed here, please recommend it in the comments below! This means that, at no extra cost to you, if you so choose to participate in some of the learning opportunities here, we at Kyrabe Stories may receive a commission as gratitude from the partnering companies.

Google Docs is best for anyone who needs to work online and remotely.Google Docs may be free for personal use, but just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it is less versatile than old-school titans like Microsoft.Its numerous functions allow you to design a functional looking document from start to finish.Google Docs has a reputation as an accessible and collaborative writing program.In the current age of internet connectivity—where almost everything we do is online—it has become ubiquitous at home and in the workplace.Visit: Dabble (Free)Download: Dabble for Windows | mac OS (Monthly Subscription)A tool I discovered this summer that I absolutely love is Pacemaker: a word count productivity app for writers.By feeding your project stats into Pacemaker, including desired word count, deadline, and what days you will be available to write, Pacemaker creates a custom writing schedule that is perfect for you.From crafting novels or essays to working as a journalist, content writer, or copy editor; those with the gift for creating compelling sentences are in high demand.Because of this, you need the best tools of the trade so you can be a productive writer.It’s also good for people who need to switch between different devices to write on the same thing.This is especially true if you’re working with other people on the same file, as Google Docs allows multiple individuals to work on a single document.

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