Tooth Fairy Writing Paper Single Static Assignment

You cannot write a letter from the tooth fairy using a plain bond paper.Remember, the key word here is “fairy.” There has to be some flair in the letter that you are writing – from the paper that you are using down to the ink that you are using.Do you know that there’s a special place in my castle for your tooth?I have a special room where I place all the teeth that are very extraordinary, just like yours.More than the reward itself, the idea of the Tooth Fairy does play with their imagination.It is fun and very entertaining to imagine a fairy visiting you while you were sleeping – the mystery, the magic and of course, the reward.Just make sure that it’s appearance is the farthest from your handwriting. Include his experiences on how the tooth got lost such as his experience on the dentist chair or having to pull out their own teeth.

As for the ink, try a number of combinations with the paper – lilac paper with pink ink, blue paper pink ink, or pink paper with blue ink.

There are a number of reasons why a child might do this – lost tooth, price negotiation, swallowed tooth, deformed tooth and many, many more.

When a child writes to the tooth fairy, a reply is in order.

Needless to say, you need to change your handwriting because your child might recognize it.

Ask someone else to write it or add some curls and curves to some of the characters in the letters that you are writing.

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