Tree Farm Business Plan

That typical tree, though, is no longer typical, Dungey said.

There's now a greater selection of sizes available, including 3-foot tabletop trees, "condo" trees that are 4-to-5-feet tall and skinny enough to fit in smaller spaces and "cathedral-size" trees suitable for display in the great rooms of Mc Mansions.

"Trees are the only crop sold to the final buyer 'as is,'" said Dungey.

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Additionally the company will provide high quality planting materials for use nationwide.

Sales by farmers' markets have increased by 79% since 1994, to 3,137 markets in all 50 states, and the number of farmers who sell at them has more than tripled to 67,000.

About three million Americans a week now get their fresh food directly from the farmers who grew it.

Farmers Group is the buyout and merger of two successful vegetable farms.

The idea behind the business is to provide healthy and delicious vegetables and fruit to the public.

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