Truancy Problem In School Essay

Therefore, families as the basic units in the community must propagate mutual communication and trust with schools.

This helps in providing intensive counseling, monitoring and other services that strengthen families and truants.

The basic role of members of taking part in the program is to make informed decisions on how to deal with truancy in schools.

Truancy is a problem which is rooted more in the community than the school might actually be found to cause.

Accurate tracking of the attendance of the students has not been found the most efficacious way of dealing with truancy.

Parents should take part actively in all activities of preventing truancy.

Of these three, the Community-Based Intervention is thought to produce outstanding results.

While each school as well as the community is expected to contribute to the success of truancy intervention, the community has the most fundamental objective (Stogner, 2011).

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This is expected of every family irrespective of the station of the parent in life, what they earn or the background of education.Curfews have helped during school hours in daytime that permit the community law enforcers to interrogate youth to establish if the are absent from school legitimately.In places like New York, a number of unexcused absences can translate to failure in courses.Introduction Truancy in schools has been a major problem for decades now.Schools, communities and the government at large have all been involved in coming up with suitable interventions to curb this menace.Community success in preventing truancy has further put in place a comprehensive approach that emphasizes on sanctions and incentives for parents and the concerned truants.Such a process does not focus on improving procedures alone.A community based program creates a very significant incentive for parental responsibility.Thus, communities should establish the best approach of creating such incentives hence ensuring that the children attend school without failure.Thus, any decisions made involve the active participation of a wide variety of the community members: educators, parents, Judges of the family and juvenile courts as well as religious organizations, social service and community representatives.The community based program puts together all forces which are concerned with the welfare of the society.

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