Tuck School Of Business Essay Questions 2013 Essays Describing Your Personality

Tuck students are aware of how their individuality adds to the fabric of Tuck. (300 words) This is a trimmed down version—both in terms of content and word count—of an essay that appeared in the Tuck application last admissions season.This year, the word count is down to 300 (from 500) and the adcom cut its previous request that applicants comment on what they would contribute to the program based on their unique attributes.As you work on your Tuck MBA essays and application, we encourage you to consider all of Clear Admit’s Dartmouth offerings: A thorough, objective, and accurate synopsis of the school, student composition, coursework, and admissions information.

If you have space after drafting your response, you may also want to highlight the impact you hope to have through your work.Reading through the evaluation criteria should give you a greater understanding of the program’s culture, help you determine your fit with Tuck, and kick start your brainstorming for this essay.After reviewing these criteria, applicants may want to identify which elements of the student culture are already evident in their activities and accomplishments to date.Please reflect on how you have grown personally and professionally.(500 word limit encouraged) This response asks repeat applicants to comment on the concrete steps they have taken to enhance their applications–for example, retaking the GMAT, taking on more responsibility at work, or stepping up their involvement in a community organization–while also providing some more introspective commentary on how they’ve grown since they first applied to Tuck.It would be ideal to touch on one to two examples that illustrate one’s skills and potential to make a positive impact.Consider this in light of the idea that past behavior supports future success.You might also try the following exercise to help you focus: Once you have established content exemplifying who you are, you should then consider forging (likely brief) connections to how your individuality would add to the Tuck community.It will be important to develop a good sense of the opportunities available at Tuck; visiting the campus, attending information sessions, or speaking with students and alumni would pay dividends here.Still, it would make sense to remark on what you would “add” to Tuck by connecting who you are to how that would enhance your fellow students’ experiences during the program.But first, prioritize painting a clear picture of who you are, considering the following.

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