Ucc Assignment

Problems of acceptance normally arise only when the assignor intends the assignment as a gift.

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In other words, the assignor must intend and understand himself to be making the assignment then and there; he is not promising to make the assignment sometime in the future.

The Secretary of State’s Office is dependent upon the filer to keep information accurate and updated.

The Secretary of State’s Office does not certify the authenticity of information contained herein as it originates from third parties.

The assignor may assign any right unless (1) doing so would materially change the obligation of the obligor, materially burden him, increase his risk, or otherwise diminish the value to him of the original contract; (2) statute or public policy forbids the assignment; or (3) the contract itself precludes assignment.

The common law of contracts and Articles 2 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) govern assignments.

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