Undergraduate Chemistry Thesis

To fulfill Honors in the Chemistry major, you will also need to present your work to your peers in a symposium (poster or talk) during your enrollment in 681/682.

If you plan to fulfill this requirement not through the Chemistry Undergrad Research Poster Session, please notify our office of your presentation.

Approved Chemistry major electives include courses required by the Education minor.

C&CB may be able to help facilitate significant scholarship support for high-performing students interested in teaching high school.

There are three levels of Latin honors: honors for coursework alone if they complete the Honors Curriculum while maintaining a GPA of at least 3.3.

Students who have completed a rigorous complement of courses, maintained a GPA of at least 3.1, and completed four or more credits of research in a chemistry-related area (or the equivalent, if doing research for pay instead of credit) may be nominated by their research advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) to join the Honors Seminar in the Spring of their senior year.

A Senior Thesis is a written culmination of your research project(s) conducted during your undergraduate research experience with your Thesis Adviser.

Chemistry requirements, including Math and Physics, add up to 60 credits. There are College of Arts & Sciences distribution requirements and language requirements to fit in the remaining 60 credits; nevertheless, we observe that there is enough leeway in the non-chemistry coursework for students to complete a minor, or even a second major.(ii) The Honors Coordinator will schedule periodic meetings and workshops with all students completing Honors in Chemistry throughout the final semester to facilitate thesis progression and completion.(iii) To ensure that the defense deadline is met, students should schedule the date approximately one month prior to defense.Timetable: (i) Honors work can be started as late as two semesters before graduation, but cannot be started in the last semester before graduation.Students should indicate their intention to carry out honors work with their current or potential research advisers as early as possible.Students admitted to the Honors Seminar write up their research findings in a senior thesis for evaluation by the faculty.The C&CB faculty assign Latin honors of to research-active Chemistry majors based on coursework, leadership, and service and the level of persistence, creativity, and independent research scholarship evident in their Honors Seminar participation and written thesis.For the Senior Honors Thesis courses 681 and 682, you must enroll in a combination of 6 credits, with a minimum of 2 credits per semester. For the Senior Thesis courses 691 and 692, you must enroll in a minimum of 4 credits (2 credits each for 691 and 692). When you receive your enrollment permission for 681/682 and 691/692 you will receive a document with thesis guidelines.If you would like to see these guidelines earlier please contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Office.The list of approved electives includes courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Education, Environmental Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Science and Technology studies, and Statistics.Individualized Curriculum Checklist Honors Curriculum and Honors Accelerated Checklist The department awards Latin Honors to students who have distinguished themselves in research, coursework, or a combination of the two.

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