University Of Houston Business Degree Plan

For detailed information on all requirements, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.You may also download a copy of the BBA program requirements sheet here.Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Two courses, each selected from a different group (A, B, or C) List of available FG courses can be viewed here.Arts, Humanities, Literature (DA, DH, DL): Two courses, each from a different group Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (H, HAP): One Course, any level Contemporary Ethical Issues (E, ETH): One Course, 300-level or higher Oral Communication (O, OC): One Course, 300-level or higher Writing Intensive (W, WI): Five Courses, at least two courses must be 300-level or higher *At least two Writing Intensive courses must be 300-level or above Shidler has adopted a modified HSL requirement.Students must also receive a minimum GPR of 2.0 for their Business Core and Major classes.All Shidler College of Business course requirements require no grade below a “C-” . It is sometimes difficult to feel at home or to get involved.

The football team regularly makes bowl game appearances, and the men's basketball team has made 20 appearances in the NCAA Division I Tournament—including five Final Four appearances.

It would become a major thoroughfare of the campus.

As a project of the National Youth Administration, workers were paid fifty cents an hour to clear the land.

Each student is responsible for a knowledge of and adherence to regulations governing registration, withdrawal, degree plans, graduation requirements, and the payment of tuition and fees.

Once a student begins a degree program at HBU, it is expected that the student will complete the degree requirements at HBU.

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