Uq Engineering Thesis Requirements Essay On Dying With Dignity

Each student must write a project proposal which clearly defines the thesis topic, presents a review of relevant background material and an assessment of the impact of previous work on the current project.Importantly, the proposal should state the purpose, aims, coverage and relevance of the project and a project plan for its completion.

Undergraduate Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology Mech & Mine Engineering School 6 One Semester 4 Contact hours ENGG4500 and permission of Head of School Project proposal, oral presentation, thesis Prof Andrejs Atrens ([email protected]) This course is not currently offered, please contact the school.

Your seminar will be marked by your supervisor using the criteria on the seminar marksheet.

Please bring a copy of this marksheet to your seminar with your name, student number, course-code completed.

The material should be prepared in a fashion that suits oral presentation and gives justice to the progress made so far.

It is essential that the seminar is not merely an oral presentation of the previously submitted project proposal but is focused on the progress in the project since the submission of the proposal.

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