Utopia Thesis Statement Of Mice And Men Essay On American Dream

Dig beneath the surface of the text and explore possible connections and interpretations.

If you run out of things to say, you probably have not asked enough questions about the text or done enough active reading.

This essay extends the thinking/writing you have already done in class and in your blogging.

Therefore, while you should of course feel free to build on what you have already written this semester in blogs or other informal writing (or what we have discussed in class), do not simply repeat what you have previously stated elsewhere.

If you would like to do so, schedule a conference with me during my office hours.

Please note that I will be out of the country (and therefore unavailable to meet/respond via e-mail, in a timely manner), from Tu 3/25 on.

From there, create a series of focused and persuasive claims about your topic.Spend time choosing/focusing your topic before you start drafting your essay.You are welcome to use one (or more) for the items on the utopian/dystopian framework, the discussion prompts provided in class, and/or on the course blog as starting points for your brainstorming process.Writing Task & Purpose In class and on our Open Lab course site you have been using close reading to generate questions and ideas about .For this first essay, you will build on this work, using analysis to write a 4-5 page thesis-driven essay that presents a thesis (argument) about the novel and uses subsequent claims/evidence from the text to explore and support this point. Therefore, your thesis should be persuasive (but arguable), and your essay should be driven by analysis (subsequent claims and evidence).Even though you are only submitting a final draft to me, you should go through a number of steps (pre-drafts such as in-class discussions, blogs, freewriting, group discussion, brainstorming, outlining, first drafts, conferences with me and Learning Center tutors, etc.) before you hand it in, and this Cover Letter shows how your essay has changed along the way.In addition to responding to the questions below (holistically, not in order/bulleted out), you should also free to add any other questions/concerns you have about your essay or the writing process.*Please make sure to follow the Essay Guidelines, and the helpful tips/strategies provided below and the materials under Writing Resources.Cover Letters You should include a cover letter (about one page long, typed, single-spaced) as the first page of your essay (this letter does not count toward the minimum length of your essay).Bringing in outside information: Do not do research on the text or consult outside sources for this particular essay.For this assignment, I am interested in your analysis of the texts/ideas themselves.

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