Value Of Critical Thinking Skills

There are also allegations of abuses of power that sometimes surface in elections.

Their notion that their vote doesn’t count becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because many of them stay away from the polls.

And mentality is first and foremost influenced by an appeal to emotions, as said previously. For example, Donald Trump supporters have been known to say that they may not believe everything he says, but that they “trust” him. Trump has tugged at the heartstrings of these people; he speaks their lingo.

African Americans, on the other hand, who say their vote doesn’t count are responding to another kind of emotional input – years of oppression and exclusion.

We must interpret, analyze, evaluate, explain, and draw warranted inferences about what to believe and what to do in a stream of novel and, too often, time-limited or high-stakes, uncertain situations Research studies have consistently shown that strength in critical thinking correlates with workplace and academic success, certification and licensure in the most valued professions as well as survival of some of life’s most difficult challenges.

For the thinking process to be successful, it must be done with the habits of mind that have been identified as supporting strength in critical thinking. Difficult problems and decisions must be addressed reflectively.

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