Vanderbilt University Admissions Essays Chicago Dissertation Style

Jessica Freedman, a former Mount Sinai School of Medicine faculty member, offers concrete guidance to help applicants distinguish themselves in the medical school admissions process.

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While oxygen poured in through my gaping mouth, I still craved more air. It was our last scrimmage game before the start of the 2009 Valparaiso girls’ varsity basketball season.

The clock counted down not only the time left in the game but also how many seconds I had left playing on my basketball team before I told the...

Yet, one distinct incident left the greatest impact. As a sixth-grader obsessed with the Seattle Mariners, I read the newspaper only for the sports page.

One morning, however, I came upon a special pullout section as I thumbed for my section.

While all my extracurricular activities have helped me shape my values, there is one in particular I have enjoyed the most: picking tangerines from my grandmother's orchard.

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Born seven weeks early on what I now view as a blessed day, my youngest brother, initially referred to as “Baby Malone,” hung on for dear life. The I Club, sponsored by Rotary International, seeks to accomplish these goals on a... Attorney General Tom Clark had just announced a list of fifty-six “subversive” organizations that were supposedly part of the communist crusade.

My grandfather, vice president of the History Society at Tilden Senior High... There were no roses, chocolate, or any romanticism in the air; there was instead, the scent of puke, fear, sea spray, yet a trace of freedom.

I wake up an hour before the stampede towards the shower begins in my summer camp residence hall.

Quietly, I close my dorm door so as to not startle my week-long roommate awake--I had to be alone.

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