Vasant Panchami Festival Essay In English

Yellow attire is therefore worn by the followers of Saraswati.Moreover, the sweets and dishes prepared for the festival are usually yellow and saffron in color.Since the goddess is considered to be an epitome of wisdom, therefore the day is celebrated in educational institutions also.Statues of Saraswati are adorned with yellow sari and jewellery.

However, during the ancient times, the festival was celebrated in the royal palace of Kamadeva.Dancing girls and other celebrants danced on the beats of dhol.New clothes were designed to participate in the celebrations. Although now the festival is dominated by the worship of the goddess Saraswati, a grand feast is prepared in the honour of Kamadeva.The colour yellow has a great significance in the celebration of Vasant Panchami.It is believed to be the symbol of blossoming flowers of mustard.6) People, especially the students and the musicians worship Saraswati with great devotion.7) People visit temples and ‘pandals’, observe fasting and sing devotional songs on the occasion.In other words, it occurs on the fifth day of Magha (which works out to early February).Vasant Panchami, also called Saraswati Puja, or the Festival of Kites is celebrated by the Hindus as well as the Sikh community.On this day, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and art, Saraswati, is worshipped.Kamadeva and Vasant (the personification of spring) are also honoured on this festival.

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