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Depot A simple method : Use the TSP as usual When exceeding the vehicle capacity, go back to the depot Start another tour with the nearest customer as the first customer Repeat b. Depot As a Decision Problem Decisions Assignment of orders to vehicles The sequence of orders to be served Constraints Vehicle capacity (in terms of volume or weight normally) Objectives Minimizing mileages or time Considerations Known demand Delivery or pickup Solution Strategy Tour construction heuristics Insertion methods (e.g.

nearest insertion, min cost insertion) Savings methods (e.g.

Milton Stewart More information Un algorithme génétique hybride à gestion adaptative de diversité pour le problème de tournées de véhicules et ses variantes Thibaut VIDAL LOSI et CIRRELT Université de Technologie de Troyes et Université More information in The Vehicle Routing Problem: Latest Advances and New Challenges Modeling and Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem on Trees Bala Chandran 1 and S. Phone: 732-332-5118 Fax: 732-949-9112 More information Project Time Management Study Notes PMI, PMP, CAPM, PMBOK, PM Network and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Raghavan 2 1 Department of Industrial Engineering More information INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (IJCET) International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCET), ISSN 0976 6367(Print), ISSN 0976 6367(Print) ISSN 0976 6375(Online) More information TOTAL LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT No. 15 24 Tomasz AMBROZIAK, Dariusz PYZA SELECTED ASPECTS OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM MODELLING Abstract: The paper presents selected aspects of the transport services More information Coordination in vehicle routing Catherine Rivers Mathematics Massey University New Zealand [email protected] A coordination point is a place that exists in space and time for the transfer of More information Backward Scheduling An effective way of scheduling Warehouse activities Traditionally, scheduling algorithms were used in capital intensive production processes where there was a need to optimize the production More information AS-D1 SIMULATION: A KEY TO CALL CENTER MANAGEMENT Rupesh Chokshi Project Manager AT&T Laboratories Room 3J-325 101 Crawfords Corner Road Holmdel, NJ 07733, U. Points to Note Please More information Internet Firewall CSIS 4222 A combination of hardware and software that isolates an organization s internal network from the Internet at large Ch 27: Internet Routing Ch 30: Packet filtering & firewalls More information Material Requirements Planning MRP ENM308 Planning and Control I Spring 2013 Haluk Yapıcıoğlu, Ph D Hierarchy of Decisions Forecast of Demand Aggregate Planning Master Schedule Inventory Control Operations More information Multi-Agent Technology & Scheduling Solutions Knowledge Genesis, Ltd Real Time Scheduling Solutions Based on Multi-Agent Technology Prof.

Flagler Street / (EC 3100), Miami, More information Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information Vol. 3, September 2015 Local Search Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems of a Chain of Convenience Stores Yuwadee Prakaiphetkul and Pisut Pongchairerks More information Student Version CHAPTER EIGHT Scheduling Resources and Costs Mc Graw-Hill/Irwin Copyright 2011 by The Mc Graw-Hill Companies, Inc. Gannt Chart Developed by Henry Gannt in 1916 is used More information Chapter 6: Graph Theory Graph theory deals with routing and network problems and if it is possible to find a best route, whether that means the least expensive, least amount of time or the least distance.

More information Systems of Equations Concepts: Solutions to Systems of Equations-Graphically and Algebraically Solving Systems - Substitution Method Solving Systems - Elimination Method Using -Dimensional Graphs to Approximate More information Integrating Vehicle Routing and Motion Planning Scott Kiesel, Ethan Burns, Christopher Wilt and Wheeler Ruml Department of Computer Science We are grateful for funding from the DARPA CSSG program (grant More information The period vehicle routing problem with service choice Peter Francis, Karen Smilowitz, and Michal Tzur October 11, 2005 To appear in Transportation Science Abstract The period vehicle routing problem (PVRP) More information An Instructional Aid System for Driving Schools Based on Visual Simulation Salvador Bayarri, Rafael Garcia, Pedro Valero, Ignacio Pareja, Institute of Traffic and Road Safety (INTRAS), Marcos Fernandez More information A Logistic Management System Integrating Inventory Management and Routing Ana Luísa Custódio* Dept.

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Example of Interroute improvement: Relocate Consider the swapping between two existing routes. Are we assuming: o Perfect data o Dispatchers follow instruction exactly o Drivers follow instruction exactly o Shippers with perfectly predictable demands o Personnel from different department have the same goal 9 Source: P.7, Mazza, Faircloug, Melton, de Pablo, Scheffer, Stevens, Software Engineering Standards, Prentice Hall Major phases in DSS development (and examples of activities) User Requirement Definition Capture, determine, specify and verify user requirements Software Requirement Definition Construct logical model Specify functional, performance, documentation, acceptance testing requirements, etc. Challenges The supply chain sector is currently under More information A Hybrid Heuristic Method for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Truck Routing Problem with Fueling Stations Author: Advisor: Yihuan (Ethan) Shao Maged Dessouky Outline Introduction Literature review Problem More information Fleet Management Optimisation Sindre Soltun Master of Science in Communication Technology Submission date: January 2007 Supervisor: Steinar Andresen, ITEM Co-supervisor: Per Stein, Nordisk Mobiltelefon More information Meeting Your Challenges At CRM Alliance, we understand your need to streamline operations in the face of increased competition, increased customers demand and cost-cutting initiatives.One way is to relocate a node in a route (say route B) to another route (say route A) i Route A j j i i Route B Depot We need to choose the route from which one node will be removed (route B) and the route to which the node will be inserted (route A). Architectural Design Decompose software into components Define data input and output requirement, data structure, etc. To remain successful More information E-Logistics Successes and Failures Copyright April 2002 H. Donald Ratliff 1 Executive Director Regents & UPS Professor [email protected] & CEO [email protected] information INTEGRATED OPTIMIZATION OF SAFETY STOCK AND TRANSPORTATION CAPACITY Horst Tempelmeier Department of Production Management University of Cologne Albertus-Magnus-Platz D-50932 Koeln, Germany More information AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Kyler S.Then, we can follow the procedure below: Backhaul (pickup and delivery) Not just delivery goods from the depot, but also pick up goods from customers Multiple depots Vehicles can be coming from different depots Split orders May have more than one delivery to a customer The case of a chemical product manufacturer: orders Customer service Production unit Warehouse Information system Fleet unit delivery Sites Multiple factories in Pearl River Delta Supply petrol chemical products to customers in PRD 7 Production Justintime production Distribution 0 0 trucks per factory Order cutoff at pm More than trip per vehicle Divide region in zones and one route per zone Process Receive an order Estimate the order finishing time Sort the orders to be finished on tomorrow Estimate the delivery schedules According to the delivery schedules, reestimate the production schedules When the orders are ready, ask warehouse people prepare for the loading Ask fleet unit to send trucks to warehouse for loading Operation Issues Information is not synchronized Paper work between units Spend hours in determining initial delivery schedules Low truck utilization Difficult to entertain customer s request on exact/approximate delivery time Urgent orders (some trucks are reserved to handle urgent order) DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR What is a decision support system? Select programming languages Detailed Design and Production Detailed design of lowerlevel components Coding Integrating components Testing Transfer Installation Acceptance tests Operations and Maintenance Final acceptance 0 Data Preparation for DSS: Customer independent Customer dependent Static Raw location data: Road, speed limit, tolls, major intersections, landmarks, etc. between points of interests (via shortest path methods on raw location data) Locations Trucks Details (e.g. What are the costs if different numbers of vehicles are used? 105-111, Summer 2013 Journal homepage: Collection Vehicle Routing Problem Considering Similarity Pattern of Trashcan More information Fowler Distributing Company Logistics Network Routing Analysis Anthony Vatterott, Brian Vincenz, Tiffany Bowen Executive Summary Our firm was contracted by Fowler Distributing Company to provide analysis More information Transportation A key decision area within the logistics mix Chapter 14 Transportation in the Supply Chain Inventory Strategy Forecasting Storage decisions Inventory decisions Purchasing & supply planning More information OPTIMIZED H O M E C A R E S C H E D U L I N G AND ROUTING A White Paper for Home Care Executives and Operations Managers ALGORITHM-BASED OPTIMIZATION FOR SOLVING THE SCHEDULING AND ROUTING PROBLEMS IN More information Constraint Programming for the Vehicle Routing Problem Philip Kilby A bit about NICTA National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) Research in ICT since 24 Major Labs in Sydney, More information Dave Sly, Ph D, MBA, PE Iowa State University Tuggers deliver to multiple locations on one trip, where Unit Load deliveries involve only one location per trip. Kokenge for the degree of Master of Science in Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering presented on June 8, 2011.Intraroute improvement (changing the sequence of customers within a route) Examples: Opt Opt.Interroute improvement Exchanging customers between routes Exchanging segments of routes between routes Example of Intraroute improvement: opt algorithm Do a swap of arc pairs in a route if it can reduce the cost (or time).Mathematics FCT UNL *[email protected] Rui Carvalho Oliveira** CESUR/Dept.Civil Engineering IST UTL **[email protected] More information ISSN (Online): 1694-0784 ISSN (Print): 1694-0814 Towards Participatory Design of Multi-agent Approach to Transport Demands 10 Yee Ming Chen 1, Bo-Yuan Wang Department of Industrial Engineering and Management More information Graph Essentials Graph Basics Measures Graph and Essentials Metrics 2 2 Nodes and Edges A network is a graph nodes, actors, or vertices (plural of vertex) Connections, edges or ties Edge Node Measures More information Fleet Size and Mix Optimization for Paratransit Services Liping Fu and Gary Ishkhanov Most paratransit agencies use a mix of different types of vehicles ranging from small sedans to large converted vans More information Advanced OR and AI Methods in Transportation A WEB-BASED TRAFFIC INFORMATION SYSTEM USING WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES Akmal ABDELFATAH 1, Abdul-Rahman AL-ALI 2 Abstract.VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEM Readings: E&M 0 Topics: versus TSP Solution methods Decision support systems for Relationship between TSP and Vehicle routing problem () is similar to the Traveling salesman problem (TSP) but with more constraints such as vehicle capacity.Consider a TSP problem: Depot Suppose that the vehicle has a capacity of 0 and each customer has an order size as shown below, then the TSP solution is no longer feasible. Depot Can we use only three tours to serve all customers?Clarke Wright savings) Generalized assignment methods (e.g Fisher Jaikumar method) Tour improvement Intraroute improvement methods (e.g. Relocate) Tour construction method : Clarke Wright savings method 0 9 Given depot customers with known demand Vehicle capacity (00) Costs for traveling between customers Demand for customer Depot Basic Steps Identify the distance matrix Identify the savings matrix Combine routes s(, ) = 9 = 9 s(, ) = c(, ) c(, ) c(, ) = 7 = s(, ) = c(, ) c(, ) c(, ) = = 7 7 s(, ) = c(, ) c(, ) c(, ) = 7 = 8 Begin combining tours: starting with the highest savings and (a) the combined tour cannot exceed vehicle capacity, (b) insertion cannot be in the interior of a tour Demand () = 60 Demand () = Vehicle capacity = 00 Decision: combine the tour Depo 6 All nodes are visited once and the total cost is. We can use Heap to store the savings (from the largest to the smallest). Tour construction method : Generalized assignment method (also called Fisher Jaikumar Method) Assign seed points for each route Evaluate insertion cost for each customer Assign customers to routes Parameters d i u k : demand of customer i : capacity of vehicle k 8 Decision variables y x ik ijk if customer i is assigned to route k = 0 otherwise if i is visited followed by visiting j on route k = 0 otherwise Define: N(y k ) = all nodes on route k f(y k ) = the cost of route k Our objective is to minimize the route cost while satisfying the demand.Therefore, we can write the problem as follows: Example Vehicle y y = = 0 N( y ) = 0 6 Vehicle y y = 0 = N( y ) = subject to min f( y ) k dy i y k y k i ik ik ik u k k i= 0 = i=,..., n The cost of route f (y k ) is defined as follows: 9 f( y ) = min k c x ij ij ijk subject to x = y j = 0,..., n i x j ijk ijk i Q j Q ik ik x, Q N( y ) A big problem: f (y k ) is a complex, nonlinear function.

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