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When you at the home page, there’s only a small note at the bottom in the fine print that it is actually just a recruitment tool for this distributor to get someone into Vemma.One thing that I would find hilarious if people weren’t hurt by these scams is he following disclosure on the page: Just to recap…Notonly that, but you shouldn’t be buying vitamins and supplements anyway.One final product thought , in all the food mentioned there, there’s a lot of calcium (cheese, spinach, etc.) and I couldn’t find any on the Vemma label (though Vemma does list that there’s calcium in their FAQ). One (or more) Vemma distributor(s) has copied the Income at Home Scam that was covered by PT Money (and of course the previous link in extensive detail).In particular, commenter Jeff in that Vi Salus article has been giving updates of his friend adventures in Vi Salus, from when he got a BMW to when he lost his business because the people under him quit when they couldn’t recruit others.Jeff explains that his friend left Vi Salus and joined Vemma and how MLM has managed to destroy just about everything important in his life.If not here’s one example starting George Jefferson (okay it was the actor who played George).The logic is that brand X may only have 25% of the RDA of Riboflavin, so you’d have to eat 4 bowls to get the 100% in Total.

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One lozenge alone would be enough to supplement 133 servings (8 and a third bottles) of Vemma.MLM distributors always claim that I pick on companies to personally profit from them and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Now you are prepared to understand why Vemma’s marketing of ORAC scores is complete bunk.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that spending nearly on a small bottle of juice and getting tricked into a scheme that costs nearly everyone thousands of dollars is exactly the kind of topic that attracts consumer advocates like me. If you haven’t read it, give it a read now, I’ll wait. Vemma brags about 4800 units of ORAC per 2 ounce serving, but a small amount of cinnamon, oregano, or cloves can do the same job.It gets worse as Vemma uses what I call the Total cereal advertising scam.Remember those funny commercials in the 80’s that it would take X bowls of Brand X cereal to equal the nutrition in one bowl in Total?One challenged me to come up with something bad about Vi Salus.It was pretty easy to show Vi Salus was a scam as well with the terrible product, terrible marketing, and the founder running what the FTC guidelines quite clearly state is a pyramid scheme. In the past couple of months, I’ve been getting comments about Vemma being the next big MLM scam.Now that we’ve established the ridiculousness and deceptiveness of this type of advertising here are some examples from Vemma’s marketing page: That sounds impressive, right?Let’s take the first one, the 55 eggs for the vitamin D in Vemma.I shouldn’t need to go further into these examples.The bottom line is that a good multivitamin could supply all this for a fraction of the cost.

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