Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain Essay

Young Cromwell attended the local grammar school, now The Cromwell Museum, where artefacts and documents highlight the life and legacy of ‘God’s Englishman’.

From April 1616 he studied at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, leaving suddenly after a year due to the death of his father.

Cromwell, the only man strong enough to hold power and keep both sides in check, lost patience over lack of progress and forcibly dissolved Parliament in 1653.

Later that year he proposed and received the office of Lord Protector – King in all but name.

But unfortunately the so-called Rump Parliament dithered, failing to press ahead with radical social and constitutional reform, all the while locked in mutual hatred with the Army.

In 1628 Cromwell had been elected Member of Parliament for Huntingdon and in 1640 he became MP for Cambridge, gaining a reputation as a blunt speaker with a fiery temperament.

This would soon propel him into the limelight as Parliament wearied of King Charles I’s tyrannical disregard of its authority and his belief that the sovereign stood above Church and State.

At St Giles’ Cripplegate in London you will find the venue for Cromwell’s marriage to merchant’s daughter Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620.

The match appears to have been a happy one, producing nine children.

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