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Total sales of bottled water increased by more than 13% from 1989 to 1990, and have doubled in the last five years. is also increasing dramatically, rising from 4.5 gallons per person in 1985 to 8.0 gallons per person just five years later, in 1990.

In terms of gallons sold, there were 1,753,300,000 gallons of non-sparkling water sold in the U. alone during 1990, with that number increasing to approximately. Approximately 1 out of every 6 households currently consumes non-sparkling bottled water as a source of drinking water.

While retail purchase accounts for the largest percentage of bottled water purchases (41.5%), 21.3% of sales are made through commercial delivery of water and 21.4% are through home delivery sales.

The percentage of the industry that relies on water deliveries for its water is 42.7%, the largest percentage of all. S., the average price for a 5-gallon delivered bottle of water is .29.

To take advantage of this expanding market for drinking water, Sparkling Horizon Bottled Water has been established to provide home and office delivery of bottled water to the Wichita area.

After months of extensive industry and market research, the company has developed a solid business plan to enter the market for bottled water.

Total bottled water sales were ,222,000,000, including both domestic sparkling and imported drinking waters.

This nationwide trend is also evident in the Greater Wichita area, where Sparkling Horizon intends to operate.

In response, individuals and businesses are purchasing bottled drinking water for use in their homes and offices.

Sparkling Horizon will purchase coolers at a cost of 2.00 and rent them to customers for a fee of .00 per month.

In just 21 months, each rented cooler will be paid for and generating profit long-term for the company.

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