Wharton School Of Business Coursework Essay On Environment For High School Students

There’s really no major difference in the classroom approaches at Wharton and London, though the more flexible space at Wharton offers the opportunity for more experiential opportunities.

Wharton says that case studies make up about 35% of the work, team projects account for 25%, and lectures take up 20%.

The global nature of the program is a greater constant in London, of course, with as many as 59 languages spoken in a single class.

Sometimes, class discussions are hard to follow because of it.

As beautiful as it is, the building is overcrowded with narrow hallways and few study rooms.

Most students have to walk a block away across a busy street to find a place for their team meetings.

Only three courses can’t be waived at Wharton: business ethics, leadership, and communications.In comparison to London, Wharton has one significant disadvantage for MBA students: it has one of the largest undergraduate business and executive educations programs in the world, with 2,621 undergrads and 9,000 executives attending seminars and longer programs. There’s also the downside of London, a much larger city than Philly, and the unusual level of flexibility at London Business School.“At LBS, second years can go on exchange to a huge range of schools; they can also take an entire course in a single “block week” rather than spreading it out over 12 weeks, freeing them to go traveling,” explains Edmans, the Wharton finance professor now teaching at London.So the difference between the entering class is 860 versus 320.Incoming Wharton students are divided into four groups of about 210 students that are known as clusters.Behind it is a different world: a gorgeous building designed in the 1980s by architect John Nash just across the street from one of the world’s most famous parks, Regent’s Park.The property is officially owned by the Queen who requires that it not be shown off for all its domed and arched majesty.A Wharton prof, Alex Edmans, who went to teach at London observed that “While Americans make up the bulk of the Wharton student body, Brits comprise fewer than 10% of LBS, because the MBA degree is less common in England.This diversity clearly has benefits, but isn’t the unmitigated blessing commonly believed.It’s a big contrast to Wharton, which can lay claim to some of the best facilities in the world.The B-school campus is composed of seven buildings on and off Locust Walk, the brick-lined pedestrian thoroughfare at the heart of Penn.

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