What Invention Did Vannevar Bush Write About In 1945 Essay Essay On The Rabbit Proof Fence

From the Foreword I quote: "The incentive for this development arose form a basic need for a more efficient mechanism for organization and dissemination of scientific information.The facilities of the Department of Agriculture Library and the specialized experience of its Librarian and staff fitted the requirement for a testing agency equipped to handle varied categories of technical data in large volumes.Bush, himself, never seems to have developed a working version of the machine, though his group worked on a prototype. Shaw's device incorporated technology developed by Emanuel Goldberg in 1928-1931, and by Bush starting in 1938.Shaw's Rapid Selector was an attempt to realize goals described in Bush's 1945 publication, Shaw's machine "was based on the earlier prototype developed from 1938 to 1940 by a team at MIT under Bush's direction.

649-69, he suggested how an electromechanical machine might be built to accomplish Charles Babbage’s goals for the Analytical Engine.

On September 10, 1945 Bush published a condensed, illustrated version of "As We May Think" in numbered sections with headings, and added illustrations of the "cyclops camera," the "supersecretary" and the "Memex" microfilm machine in the form of a desk.

This was the first published illustration of what the Memex might look like.

Bush published a popular description of the aims of his Rapid Selector information retrieval machine in his 1945 article, described the Memex, an electromechanical microfilm machine, which Bush began developing conceptually in 1938.

As conceived, the Memex was capable of making permanent associative links in information.

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