What Is A Good Thesis Statement For The Road Not Taken

Many people are confronted with choices in their everyday life, which could affect them long term whether it is negative or positive.

The options we decide on can determine make, becomes "The Road Not Taken." He takes the other road that is “grassy and wanted wear.” The road he chooses has a “better claim,” because it is the road that is less traveled on.

The words of Donkey, from Shrek, seem to sum up Chris mccandless very well. This is meant to symbolize that the speaker has decided to further a life that few before him have.

He was a wondering soul, whose drive for adventure eventually lead to his death. The first five lines show the narrator observing the two roads he can choose from to take. Since this road is less traveled, Frost presents the dilemma of mankind; and that is, why journey down the road that everyone else has?

The book opened up with a very subtle and truthful sentence. This raised certain thoughts and questions to society.

This poem talks about choices we make by comparing them to a folk in a road that may seem less or often traveled.

Any How does one define a "good" writing experience?

To me, anything that gets the job done would be a good experience.

The last stanza is where the narrator makes a decision.

“I shall be telling this with a sigh/ somewhere ages and ages hence:” Frost seems to use this line almost to sound a bit mocking, or comic. He shows that he isn’t completely confident with his choice of the road less traveled he understand that this speaker states that he or she takes the road with less wear on it and hopes to come back one day and take the other path as well to explore what is also has to offer.

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