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But in business, your action plan is the key to focusing on the right information in the right order—much like the combination to a safe—and it helps measure progress toward your goals.

Instead of jumping into a 50-page business planning document, the best course of action is to develop a quick internal document called a business action plan. Are you an entrepreneur who has developed a great new invention and is seeking capital for selling and marketing that invention? Are you a professional blogger who thinks you can make money with your brand new blog and blogging ideas? In your business action plan, no one expects you to have an exact figure for the amount of money you need to launch your business. You can use it to monitor your business’ progress and control its fate. It gives you the opportunity to really review everything in your business and what needs to be changed – marketing, finances, profit margins, staff, and more.If you want finance for you business, having a well-researched plan with clear objectives and relevant figures makes you much more likely to convince investors that your business is a reliable proposition to fund.It shows investors that your business should be taken seriously.It’s easy to set goals in our head or just on paper that we know we won’t agree to meet at a specific time.By creating an action plan you will have specific time frames to meet individual steps, making it so much more achievable to do so as you will be forced to commit to that course of action to succeed.It’s a snapshot for you to decide if it’s the journey you want to take, or change it.Make sure you know who your ideal customer is, because it’s often not who you think it is, or who you are currently selling too.By making sales forecasts and seeing what target market your business is aimed at, you can see if your business is succeeding and the steps you need to take to keep it running.It will manage cash flow by showing exactly what your expected incomings and outgoings are within given periods of time.

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