What Is An Action Research Proposal

Because the data being collected come from the very students and teachers who are engaged with the treatment, the relevance of the findings is assured.

Action researchers can accomplish this by making sure that the data used to justify their actions are valid (meaning the information represents what the researchers say it does) and reliable (meaning the researchers are confident about the accuracy of their data).The desire of teachers to use approaches that “fit” their particular students is not dissimilar to a doctor's concern that the specific medicine being prescribed be the correct one for the individual patient.The ability of the action research process to satisfy an educator's need for “fit” may be its most powerful attribute.Seeing students grow is probably the greatest joy educators can experience.When teachers have convincing evidence that their work has made a real difference in their students' lives, the countless hours and endless efforts of teaching seem worthwhile.Action research has this positive effect for many reasons.Obviously, the most important is that action research is always relevant to the participants.Fortunately, classrooms and schools are, by their nature, data-rich environments.Each day a child is in class, he or she is producing or not producing work, is interacting productively with classmates or experiencing difficulties in social situations, and is completing assignments proficiently or poorly.These seven steps, which become an endless cycle for the inquiring teacher, are the following: The action research process begins with serious reflection directed toward identifying a topic or topics worthy of a busy teacher's time.Considering the incredible demands on today's classroom teachers, no activity is worth doing unless it promises to make the central part of a teacher's work more successful and satisfying.

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  1. Therefore what we think is correct now, people in 50 or 100 years time will think is pretty rudimentary or even wrong” and In effect, what the students were describing is that all knowledge is an argument or a hypothesis or an opinion based on the best evidence at the moment.

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