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In the last 25 years Roger Griffin has given numerous talks at History Association evenings, staff seminars, and sixth-form conferences in Britain.He was interviewed about fascism on Hamburg local radio (Freies Sender Kombinat) and about Bush's use of the term Islamo-Fascism by , as well as being consulted about aspects of fascism (e.g.

In the wake of the Anders Breivik attack in Norway he gave various interviews to the media on terrorism, including a talk on the psychological dynamics of Breivik at a public discussion of terrorism held in Oslo in February 2012.He also runs the MA dissertation modules 6759 which prepare MA students for writing and submitting their dissertation Most of Roger Griffin's undergraduate teaching relates to modernism, fascism or the History of Ideas.He leads the following advanced modules:3rd year He also runs the MA dissertation modules 6759 which prepare MA students for writing and submitting their dissertation Roger Griffin has supervised and co-supervised several Ph Ds to completion and welcomes applications for doctoral projects in topics relating to fascism, (political and cultural) modernism, racism, terrorism, and transcultural humanism.Increasingly Roger Griffin is concerned with the practical application of his insights into the dynamics of fanatical violence in counter-radicalization and counter-terrorist policies.His theory of 'heroic doubling' was cited in the prosecution case against Anders Breivik and has attracted the attention of international counter-terrorist agencies.He provided the keynote on the need for a new, non-Eurocentric Enlightenment to an international Liberal Arts conference held in Qatar by the University Texas (2017), and has given interviews to the press agencies and magazines based in the US, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and South Korea.He has also given over 60 talks to school history societies or sixth form/A-level students studying politics or history relating to extremism.In particular, his theory of fascism as a revolutionary form of ultranationalism driven by ‘palingenetic’ myth has had a major impact on comparative fascist studies since the mid-1990s.In May 2011 he received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Leuven in May 2011 in recognition of his services to the comparative study of fascism.His theory of 'heroic doubling' is now the basis of a major research project based on multi-agency collaboration which aims to provide a scientific aid to understanding and intervening in the process of radicalization leading to terrorism.Meanwhile his theories of fascism and of fascism's relationship to religion, ultranationalism, totalitarianism, aesthetics and modernism continue to be widely used, particularly in Eastern Europe and have attracted interest as far away as South Korea, China and Japan.

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