What Is Meant By Problem Solving Simple Small Business Plan

Not only will your solutions be more abundant and of higher quality, but they’ll be achieved much, much more easily.Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to be tackling a worthwhile problem.

Looking at it with different eyes is a great way to have instant insight on new, overlooked directions. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for properly crafting the perfect problem statement, but there are some language constructs that always help making it more effective: In addition to using effective language constructs, it’s important to come up with a problem statement that truly excites you so you’re in the best frame of mind for creatively tackling the problem. One thing is to ‘increase sales’ (boring), another one is ‘wow your customers’.In the same way that you can explore a problem laterally — such as by playing with words or challenging assumptions — you can also explore it at different “altitudes”.If you feel you’re overwhelmed with details or looking at a problem too narrowly, look at it from a more general perspective.In order to make your problem more general, ask questions such as: .Hypernyms are words that have a broader meaning than the given word. A great, free tool for finding hypernyms for a given word is Word Net (just search for a word and click on the ‘S:’ label before the word definitions).A rich vocabulary plays an important role here, so you may want to use a thesaurus or develop your vocabulary.Every problem — no matter how apparently simple it may be — comes with a long list of assumptions attached.The good news is that getting different perspectives and angles in order to clearly define a problem is a skill that can be learned and developed.As such, there are many strategies you can use to perfect it. When a Toyota executive asked employees to brainstorm “ways to increase their productivity”, all he got back were blank stares.If each problem is part of a greater problem, it also means that each problem is composed of many smaller problems.It turns out that decomposing a problem in many smaller problems — each of them more specific than the original — can also provide greater insights about it.‘Chunking the problem down’ (making it more specific) is especially useful if you find the problem overwhelming or daunting.

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