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All of the chemical components of litmus are likely to be the same as those of the related mixture known as orcein, but in different proportions.

In contrast with orcein, the principal constituent of litmus has an average molecular mass of 3300. When it is exposed to a basic compound, the hydrogen ions react with the added base.

Chemicals and solutions are often classified as being acidic, basic or neutral.

The choice of which method is appropriate depends on the requirements or sensitivity needed for the test.As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here.The red litmus will turn blue when it comes into contact with an alkaline solution above p H 8.3.The color must be compared with a chart to get a number and determine if the liquid is acidic, basic or neutral.For example, if you are testing a citrus juice, the color change would happen around the 1 or 2 p H level (acidic) whereas water would change color around 7 (neutral).It is often adsorbed onto filter paper to produce one of the oldest forms of p H indicator, used to test materials for acidity.Litmus can be found in different species of lichens.The dyes are extracted from such species as Roccella tinctoria (South America), Roccella fuciformis (Angola and Madagascar), Roccella pygmaea (Algeria), Roccella phycopsis, Lecanora tartarea (Norway, Sweden), Variolaria dealbata, Ochrolechia parella, Parmotrema tinctorum, and Parmelia.Currently, the main sources are Roccella montagnei (Mozambique) and Dendrographa leucophoea (California).For instance, ammonia gas, which is alkaline, turn the red litmus paper blue. This reaction is irreversible, so the litmus is not acting as an indicator in this situation.The litmus mixture has the CAS number 1393-92-6 and contains 10 to 15 different dyes.

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