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All the magazines listed below have published essays that appeared in the Table of Contents or the Notable Essays section of the annual anthology BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS.

As promised two weeks ago, I’ve compiled what I am calling here a guide to journals and magazines that publish flash nonfiction/micro-essays.

This approach has led us to unearthing the best emerging writers over the last seven decades, all while publishing the sort of essays that 19th century However, we do find that those who are familiar with what we publish stand a far better chance of having their submissions accepted.For the most part, I’ve omitted publications that specify only that submitted essays should run “no longer than” or “up to” 5,000 or 8,000 words.It’s entirely possible that the editors of these publications will welcome something more along the lines of 500 or 800 words.Whatever that experience is, it should offer insight into an ongoing and relevant cultural conversation for readers.Personal essays can deal with almost any topic; some to think about are money, family, food, religion, sexuality, relationships, disability, illness (mental or physical), hormones, race, body image, drugs, travel. What does it illuminate about humans and the world we live in?As such, we recommend picking up a copy of the print journal.You can do this below, where you can our current issue along with back issues: In Short Fiction above all we look for an elegance of style, structure and characterisation.Poetry should display a commitment to the ultra-specificities of language, and show a refined sense of simile and metaphor. READER is Buzz Feed News’s home for cultural criticism, personal essays, fiction, and poetry, as well as Buzz Feed’s Emerging Writer Fellowship.But I’ve done my best to signal to you which journals state outright on their sites that they’ll pay for your work–look for the $–and which ones are equally upfront about charging fees. If you know of a journal or magazine that’s specifically interested in flash nonfiction and micro-essays that should be added to the list, please share your knowledge (bonus points for links, too) in comments.

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