Wholesale Distribution Business Plan Dissertation Scholarships For International Students

Below are the services we will offer to our customers: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Trend The wholesale distribution of goods to retailers can be dated back to the earliest history of man.Over the years, this trend has evolved, and it is still evolving.For us to actualize our goals and objectives, we will make sure we put in place the right business structure. We will hire only honest and competent candidates that are ready to work with us to build our company into the desired level.

In the following years, we will start franchising our business to the general public.Our services will especially target the following categories of people: – Household Units. We will promote our business online and offline by advertising our business on radio and television stations, local business magazines, etc, as well as establishing a website for our business, having a Facebook page, and connecting on Twitter and Instagram.FINANCIAL PLAN Startup costs The total startup investment sum required is an estimated amount of 0,000.BUSINESS NAME: Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is a fully registered distribution company that will be located in one of the traffic areas of central Las Vegas, United States.SALES FORECAST Below is a sales projection for Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company for the following three years.This projection is based on a number of factors such as location of business, and obtainable statistics in the industry.Our utmost goal in the food and beverage distribution industry is to have returns in profits.This, we will do by abiding by the laws of the United States, and by doing all that is permissible by law to achieve our business goals and objectives.Are you interested in starting a food distribution business, and are looking for a sample to aid you in writing one for your business?Here is a free business plan for starting a food distribution company.

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