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As would be normally expected in college-level essays, it’s important to make sure that each sentence you write relates directly to the main sentences in its respective paragraph you came up with in the outline.After you’ve written your completed first draft of your study abroad application statement of purpose, save the document and take a break for a week.Essay A: How will your participation in this program contribute to your academic & professional growth?(connections to degree plan, career path, academic interests, etc.) Essay B: Please discuss your personal goals for studying abroad and what challenges you anticipate.Another tricky must-have paperwork is the student visa. Aside from where you’re from and where you’re going, they will check how you plan to fund your studies. Some countries put a firm number – in Australia, for example, you need to show you have AUD 18,000 per year living costs. You have to have “proof of liquid assets to cover cost of first year study and living expenses.” Another typical question students ask is if they can work while studying.

As long as you don’t rush and take the time to create a solid outline, your study abroad application statement of purpose will truly shine.

After you’ve had some time to clear your mind, you’ll likely come back to edit your essay with a fresh perspective and as a result more easily catch mistakes you may not have otherwise caught!

Finally, before you send it off, double (and triple) check to make sure that you haven’t overlooked any requirements for the statement of purpose.

If you do your own research, you can’t be sure that you’re right.

Programme co-ordinators are also usually swamped with other administrative work and take weeks to reply.

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  1. Use your thesis statement to state your primary argument and the primary points that support your conclusion. The outline should also clarify any major claims as well as state some of the opposing views you will address.