World War One Imperialism Essay

Introduction To what extent was Imperialism the key cause of World War One ?The 19th century was witness to some incredibly powerful and far reaching change.However, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914 was the trigger of the war – the immediate cause.It led to Austria-Hungary seeking an opportunity for the decline of Serbian nationalism. The assassination and the events that followed were known as the July Crisis.

This led to Britain’s hostility towards Germany and in turn its willingness to go to war in 1914.

The Triple Alliance had several binding treaties between them ensuring financial, political and militaristic support.

The Triple Entente, however, was not a binding alliance but more a friendship with extremely good relations.

The great powers mostly had just modernised meaning new technology and weapons.

The arms race began in 1891 and by 1914 Germany had the biggest increase in military spending.

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