Write An Essay About Your Computer

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(ii) Printers: The printers are devices that can be reproduced on papers, copies of programs, data or output from the computer’s memory. Thermal, Ink Jet, Daisy wheel, Thimble, Spark, Drum, Chain and Laser printer.The translation jobs are done by translators which are actually the compilers.The source code program is being translated by the compiler to object code for execution of next stage operation.In Page Printer, one page is printed at a time, (iii) Plotters: A plotter is a device used to draw graphs, diagrams or any other drawings on the paper.Secondary Storage Devices All devices that are connected to the CPU for storing information’s but are not part of the CPU, are called Secondary Storage Devices. Optical disk, Winchester or Hard disk and Floppy disk.Hardware and Software Computer ware can be divided into two types e.g. Hardware All electronic, mechanical, magnetic, electrical and other devices used with the computer constitute the hardware.Software Software refers to various Programs or routines used on the hardware to facilitate the user’s efficient operation of the computer.Very commonly used operating systems for microcomputers are PC-DOS (Personal Computer Disk Operating System), MS-DOS, Window and XENIX. UNIX another very powerful OS is much more versatile and also offered many more capabilities than any other OS.Program and programming language A Program is a sequenced set instruction to a computer to do a particular job and the art of writing a program is called programming.BASIC language on a micro computer is an interpreted language.Actually the manufacturer of the computer supplies the required software; either a compiler or an interpreter.

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