Write An Essay About Your Family In French Inion Literacy Reflective Essay

The lesson is divided in two subtitles, first we will talk about close family members and in the second part about family-in-law.

Your family in-law is formed on the one hand by the members of your spouse's family.

So a half-brother would be un demi-frère, (uhn duh-mee-frehr). You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.

Free Downloadable Worksheet: My Family in French Worksheet My Family in French Worksheet – Vocabulary in a Story – – Story/Video Transcript: J’ai une famille.

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A male cousin is un cousin, (uhn coo-zan), and a female cousin is une cousine, (oon coo-zeen). ' One more: Je n'ai pas de nièces, mais (but) j'ai un neveu.

Sandrine doesn't have any nieces and nephews yet, but you might! This means 'I have no nieces, but I have a nephew.' Sandrine's cousin has a stepmother. In order to make any family member from our vocabulary either a 'step' or an 'in-law', we add the prefix beau- for the men, and belle- for the women. If you take 'father,' or un père, and you'd like to make it 'father-in-law', you'd add beau- to the word, making it un beau-pere, (uhn bow-pehr).

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