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The work which is commonly known as the Saxon or Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is a chronological record of important events, chiefly relating to the English race, from the earliest period of the Christian era to the XII. It is of a composite character, and has been preserved to the present day in the form of six more or less complete ancient MSS., some of which appear to be independent of each other though traceable to some common original, whilst others are apparently more nearly related by obvious similarities. B iv.) is written in several hands, and brings the chronicle down to 1079, but a considerable portion, comprising the years 262 to 693, is missing. 636), was formerly in the possession of Archbishop Laud. And the etheling Edmund went to London to his father.

Four of these are in the British Museum, one in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and another in the library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The lacuna has been filled by insertions made by Joscelin from monastic records in other versions of the Chronicle. It extends to the year 1154, though the last leaf is missing. And then, after Easter, went king Canute with all his ships towards London.

There are, moreover, many interpolations by later hands, and notes by Joscelin, Archbishop Parker's secretary. Earle and Plummer made these two texts the groundwork of their editions. Otho B xi), is now only known by the Dublin copy and by Wheloc's printed version. The minute and exhaustive investigation of the subject by Mr. This year Christ was baptized; and he converted Peter and Andrew, and James and John and Philip, and the twelve apostles. And a second battle he fought, after mid-summer, at Sherston; and ther much slaughter was made on either side, and the armies of themselves separated.

Plummer, from whom some of these particulars are derived, has proved that the original chronicle established by Alfred the Great, or any direct copy of it, is no longer extant. A, B and C, which are practically identical to the year 892, doubtless represent its substance to that date, but it will be noticed by the student that in all of these, from the middle of the eighth century to the middle of the ninth, the events are misdated by two or three years. In that battle was Edric the ealdorman, and Ælmer darling, helping the army against king Edmund.

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