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Like the previous part, including anywhere between three to ten books is a good amount.

Since most publications are available both in print and online, there is no great need to try and find examples for both of these requirements.

Just think back to all the English classes you have taken and choose some of the titles that you genuinely enjoyed working through.

If you are an international student, feel free to include titles that are not commonly found in an American high school curriculum.

As a result, the admissions counselor already has some sort of idea of what kind of interests you have, so being as truthful as possible in your list will only serve to strengthen your whole application.That will only show that you are intellectually curious and would enjoy the Core Curriculum that all Columbia students go through.This question is pretty straightforward, as should be your answer.For example, you may include Whatever you list, the titles should not be ones that you have read in school, unless it’s a book that you have read before it was taught in a class you were in.Additionally, try to stick with things you have read in the past year as it will reflect your most updated level of reading.Located in the heart of New York City, Columbia University is one of the world’s leading institutions for research and commitment towards education.With its 265 years of history and ideal location, Columbia has had a major influence in history and continues to be at the forefront of innovation to this day.To answer this question, listing out words and phrases that would encapsulate your ideal community and separating the terms with periods would definitely be a valid method.Content-wise, make sure that as you are compiling this list, you go in-depth into what kind of person you are as well.For the class of 2023, Columbia admitted only 5.3% of its applicants, making it a highly selective institution.Yet, despite the competition, having a strong set of supplemental essays will be the first step in standing out in the admissions process.

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  1. By directly identifying the specific aspects of the university that are attractive to the writer, the writer is able to clearly and effectively show not only his commitment to his studies but – perhaps more importantly – the level of thought he put into his decision to apply.