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She broke practically every one of my rules but the first. From the preface to Vonnegut's short story collection Bagombo Snuff Box.

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Gain invaluable tips to improve your craft, explore publishing options and learn how to establish a sustainable career. You'll learn what keeps an agent reading, what are the most common mistakes that make them stop, and the steps you need to take to correct them.

The best part is that you'll be working directly with an agent, who will provide feedback specific to your work.

Character development, point of view, tense, dialogue, chronology, voice, narrative arc, pacing, tension within both scenes and an overall narrative, creative use of language, and all basic literary terms will be covered, with the goal of helping students tell a compelling story no matter the genre.

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The Creative Writing program at Metropolitan State University is one of the richest and most diverse in the nation. As a creative writing student at Metropolitan State, you will gain experience in drafting, analyzing, and editing creative works of writing.

Faculty in the creative writing program are accomplished writers of national prominence.

Author accolades include: Creative Writers such as novelists, poets, and short story writers are usually self-directed and self-disciplined artists.

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