Writing A College Entrance Essay

Obviously, writing an excellent college entrance essay is of the utmost importance.

Because the entrance essay is such an important part of the application package, the following four guidelines for essay writing have been provided.

Because you are given a limited amount of space to work with, choosing a narrowed, focused topic will allow you to thoroughly explore the topic, rather than just touching the main points of a wider topic.

According to recent statistics, an estimated fifty percent of college applicants will be rejected by their first choice school this year. However, there are ways to improve the chances of gaining acceptance into one's college of choice.

One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is by [writing a college entrance essay].

My parents both grew up in similar circumstances- living in the same house, same subdivision, in the same town, from grade school through college. Colleges could also look more closely at the grades the students have earned in grades one through twelve and essays written on why they wish to attend the college. Henry's view is that allowing this many people to attend college puts a debt on society.

What is interesting however, is that they had the opportunity after college to live in a number of cities through job relocations. One hundred fifty billion dollars is borrowed from the government for college purposes. Though this essay and Henry's essay both make arguments, one does a better job of making it strong. Our country may one day have to reconsider entrance numbers into colleges. You must be a college graduate and have at least three years of professional work experience. The expected entrance salary is to be about ,159. I am excited to actually apply to get into this major next year and see how the rest of my college career works out....

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