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That research, which included the results of a survey of ICSA members, found there was widespread dissatisfaction with both the quantity and quality of board packs – they were too long and very often they were not focused on the issues or information that really mattered.

In light of this, and to help governance professionals ensure that their board papers, and the processes that are associated with them, are effective and efficient, we set out to develop three new resources: At the end of the article I invited anyone who was willing to help to drop me a line. Some of you provided or sense checked the data on which the cost calculator was built, while others shared examples of how they have tackled the challenges associated with producing targeted and timely board packs.

They are both simple to use and, once you have completed them, will generate some tailored feedback.

In the case of the self-assessment tool, you can also download a version if you wish to share it with your board or management to get their perspective on whether your board packs are hitting the mark.

We were contacted by members in listed and private companies, from the voluntary, health and education sectors, and from as far afield as Kenya and the Caribbean.

However, while the challenges might be the same for all organisations, the solutions will not be.

Board papers should be distributed at least a week before the meeting to give board members ample time to read thoroughly.

New guidance to refine the flow of information to the board and transform decision making In the February edition of Governance and Compliance, I reported on research by ICSA: The Governance Institute and Board Intelligence into the effectiveness of board reporting.

If the outcomes of a board paper have any budget implications, these should be clearly laid out for the board to consider.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of producing a board paper and it is therefore best if each board decides for itself how the preparation, format and content of papers should be presented.

Certain basic papers are generally accepted as being necessary: A paper should focus on strategic issues and be signed off by the CEO before being circulated to the board.

It would have been impractical – and probably impossible – to produce guidance that covered all eventualities.

Instead, we have tried to identify the factors that organisations should consider and questions they ought to ask themselves.

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