Writing Book Titles In Essays

A great title is key in getting potential readers to connect with your book.

Your title is one of your book’s first impressions on book buyers and it should be interesting, gripping and relevant to your book.

Complementary to the Cover Your title and cover should work with each other to enhance the effect of your cover.

If it is, but the taker is a lesser known, out-of-print book, then it’s probably not a big deal. Punctuation If you are planning to have a website for your book, you need to consider that not all punctuation may be allowed in a URL.Simple Try to limit your title to one or two concepts.Trying to fit in several different or unrelated topics just makes it complicated and harder to follow.Make sure your title is memorable so that potential readers can remember it when they look it up or purchase it later.A few things that can make your title more memorable: originality, alliteration, contradictory phrases and provocation (this may divide your audience, but you could be successful if half of that audience is interested in your book).Descriptive Your book title should include keywords that describe the most important thing, person or idea in your story and demonstrate its significance.Indicative of Your Book’s Genre The title of your book should give potential readers a clue to your book’s genre.Unintentionally offending potential readers is not something you want your book title to do.Titles that Don’t Say Anything Make sure your title does your book justice.If your title contains excluded symbols, you’ll have to adapt it for your website address.Unintended Connotation Check online to make sure that your chosen title is not also the name of a controversial event or topic.

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