Writing Creative Briefs History Always Repeats Itself Essay

There is nothing more frightening to creative people than a project with infinite possibilities.

If you don’t give them clear input, their creativity can spin out of control in a million different directions — none of which you may like. A creative brief is a short overview of a creative assignment used by ad agencies, designers and other marketing vendors (although they can also be used internally with in-house teams).

Creative briefs provide a framework for the overall process, and structure for the first two steps specifically.

To get the best work out of your creative people, you’ll need a well-written brief.

So in this section of your creative brief, you need to spell out exactly what the next step the target audience should take. Focus on how your products save people time and money, and how you make people’s lives easier.

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Arming them with both sides of the offer’s equation helps yield a compelling concept.

The creative brief should list sizes, file formats, etc.

Creative people hate getting an assignment where the size specified is “TBD.” They will sit down and design a beautiful 8×10 ad only to find out later that you really needed a 9×6…

“Many clients retain more than one agency in order to bring a concentration of expertise to various areas,” notes Karen Mc Gaughey, VP Client Services with Weber Marketing Group.

“It is good for the agency to know and understand early who else we be involved so that there can be early collaboration with all contributing partners.” Take special care to provide all the technical specifications you can on the front end of the project.

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