Writing English Lit Essays

The way to get a high A involves trying to categorize important points.

If you can find something in common between a group of points, and you can put that into a paragraph/section - your essay will flow a lot better.

I'm assuming that you already do this but if not, practice essay questions and ask your tutor to go over what you've written with you.

I found this helped a lot for me as they could give me some good feedback about where I had improved and what else I needed to work on for next time.

If you have time to add it in at the end, you could go back to it and reassess whether it is relavent to the question.

Planning is vital, so before jumping into the essay flesh out a decent plan.

Thing is, when I write, I just tend to write and write that I kinda just let my ideas all loose onto the paper and it just ends up failing on me.

I'd just like your tips on improving my English Lit essays in accordance to getting high marks and how to properly write and structure an essay.

Planning really pays off Oh, I mean waffling in the actual essay even if I'm following the plan : P I follow the plan then I end up going off-track through my waffling 'cause my brain decides to think new ideas unrelated to my previous plan and forces me to write them down and then I just end up waffling on and on.

Ahhh I see what you mean mmm if you think of it in the middle of writing, you could try maybe adding to your plan and coming back to it.

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