Writing Pros And Cons Essay

And then public transportations are not reliable in terms of preciseness and accuracy.

Many people have complained about the preciseness and the consistency of these public transportations schedules, which impacted to their work or study time.

Every coin has two sides and that is true for the usage of public transportation as well.

Firstly, public buses or trains take more time to travel to some place.

Some people believe that private car is the best mean of transportation while others say that public transport service should be used for this purpose.

However, as far as I am concerned, I firmly agree that public transport service should be our main mean of transportation.

Further, transportation cost is cheaper in the case of public transportation. In private cars, the probability of accident on road has increased dramatically.If one does not have timing record, then it generates some hurdles for the travellers.There is little privacy on public transportation and you can’t relax in a crammed public bus or train. Secondly, if the utilisation of public transportations increased, it means that there will be a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels.Consequently, it will reduce air pollution and global warming issues.It does not take any shortcuts and also runs in limited speed.On the other hand, with a private car, you can go to any place in a very short time. One has to make sure that he/she has the timetable of public buses or trains.Secondly, more pollution will be generated if we opt to use private cars for transportation.The more personal cars on the road, the more pollution it will generate.Some people enjoy using them, while others choose to use their own personal vehicles.Although public transportations have some weaknesses, I do believe that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

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