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To write an effective conclusion, be sure to include the following components: This is a simple point-by-point method.You present an idea related to object A and then alternatively an idea related to object B.

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However, a well-written essay doesn’t simply point out the similarities and differences; instead, it makes a strong argument about the objects under analysis using the findings.

Once you have your topic selected and have done enough research to discuss its similarities and differences, compose your thesis statement.

Everything that follows should either support or refute your thesis statement Write the introduction, the body stating your main ideas, and then the conclusion that either reinforces or rejects your thesis statement.

The best way to demonstrate the thinking behind a compare and contrast essay, is to assume a hypothetical “fact situation.” Hypothetical Fact: You’re shopping and only have the budget to buy one shirt, but you find two that you like.

You want to buy both of them, but you obviously can’t (you don’t have enough money).

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